Touch-Up Policy

Even the best tattoo artist will occasionally have what is called a holiday.  This is a

light spot in the tattoo that was either missed, hit too lightly, or just didn't take.

  Sometimes the area has been worked for a long period of time and just won't take

anymore.  On all black designs, like tribal or kanji, it is difficult on some skin to get

the black solid without overworking and chewing up the skin.

More often than not, the difficulty lies with improper aftercare. Poor cleaning,

excessive exposure to the sun or tanning beds, chlorine, unapproved after -care

products, picking, scratching, wearing tight clothing (or shoes on foot tattoos), cleaning

the tattoos with anything other than antibacterial soap and warm water, soaking the

tattoo in water (baths, swimming) can all cause tattoos to scab excessively, pit or fade.

Touch-ups are only  free when it is apparent, that the artist missed something or

needs to fix/correct something.  It is the artist's decision whether to do a touch-up

for free or not.  If you disagree with the artist, ask them to explain. If it can not be

resolved there, please ask to speak with the shop manager.  Their decision is final.

If the artist who initially did your tattoo is no longer working at that shop, please

ask to speak with the shop manager. You may be required to pay the shop minimum

(or more) to have the tattoo touched up by someone else.

Apprenticeships tattoos are under the same guidelines.

Prior to being touched up, a tattoo must be healed. There should be no shininess,

scabbing, roughness, or white spots (negative bacteria). We recommend thirty days

prior to re -tattooing an area.


We will not offer free touch-ups on any tattoo that was

done less than thirty days before or longer than ninety days before.

Touch-ups, when done for free are only on the artist's regularly scheduled days, and

never on Fridays, Saturdays,

if you scheduled a touch up and don't show try to reschedule within 24 hours of the scheduled time

the touch up is no longer free.